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BE WELL NOW SESSIONS with Bioenergetic Assessment

This is an individual session designed to address immediate, acute or chronic wellness challenges. Dr. Leslie takes a whole body approach in identifying possible sources of imbalance in the body which may be leading to current physical symptoms. She looks at potential food triggers, lifestyle habits, stress levels and emotional contributors that lead to dis-ease in the body. Dr. Leslie uses an innovative tool called bio-energetic assessment that helps reveal possible triggers for your body's imbalances, as well as nutritional sources that may bring those areas back into optimal levels! 

The MSA system communicates with the innate intelligence (or energy, chi, spirit, etc.) through informational energetic patterns sent out of the system, and receives response from the body through electrodes.  This transference of information through energetic language is how everything becomes interconnected.  With this unique assessement, you are able to find the bigger picture, so you can see causes to imbalances instead of endlessly chasing symptoms.

Dr. Leslie will help you with beneficial nutritional changes, as well as individualized supplement programs and possible detoxifications to enhance your journey to better eating, living and thinking!





Initial Wellness Session

(in office):  


Dr. Leslie Shew is not a medical doctor nor veterinarian and does not diagnose nor treat disease.  Wellness sessions are intended for educational purposes only.  Nutritional suggestions and supplements are not to be used as treatment for disease. Please consult with your medical doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Do not stop any prescription medications without the direct advice of your medical doctor. Herbal and nutritional supplements have not been evaluated nor approved by the FDA. Dr. Leslie services do NOT include diagnosis or treatment. The purpose of the assessment is to look for imbalances in the body. For diagnosis and treatment, please see your medical doctor.

Bio-energetic Assessment

Wellness Consultation

Nutrition Plan

(Herbal/nutritional supplements not included)

Investment: $150

Remote Wellness Sessions: 

(for those out of the area or prefer remote session)

Bio-energetic Assessment

Wellness Consult by Zoom or Phone

Nutrition Plan

(Supplements not included)

Investment: $150

Pet Bio-energetic Scans: (Dogs, Cats, Horses)


Our fur babies are faced with imbalances just like us such as food sensitivities, skin challenges, allergies and even stress.  By using a saliva and hair sample, we can look for these imbalances and find possible solutions to help restore homeostasis.

Infrared Sauna

$25 a session

Buy 4 get 1 Free!

The Relax Sauna radiator is the most advanced of any FIR light generator and generates clean and intense healing light.  This sit-up sauna uses two radiators that produce 1500 watts of energy and generates a very intense sauna experience. 

*Weight Loss



*Improved Circulation

*Pain Reduction


BEMER Mat Rentals

There are many great benefits that you will notice when you use the Bemer Mat. The improved circulation can assist with heart health, lowering blood pressure. Improved circulation can also help you breathe more easily, move more flexibly, and improve mental acuity. It also assists in boosting your immune system.