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Brian and Lisa Perry, Owners

Paleo Works

Brian and Lisa Perry, owners of Paleo Works bring their passion for healthy food options for those with an on the go lifestyle. They prepare Paleo-inspired meals from scratch using the highest quality proteins, healthy fats, and low glycemic-index carbohydrates. These healthy and delicious meals include high quality ingredients such as

  • 100% Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Beef

  • Free Range Organic Chicken Breasts

  • Hormone-Free, All Natural Chicken Thighs, Eggs and Pork.

  • Sodium Nitrite-Free Bacon

  • Only Extra Virgin Olive Oil and/or Coconut Oil for our salad dressings and condiments, no vegetable oils

Hear their incredible story of how they created a way to provide Paleo meals for those with a busy, active lifestyle.

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