Reclaiming Your Life From Anxiety

Dr. Leslie’s new anti-anxiety program will empower you to find freedom from anxiety, insomnia, fear, chronic fatigue, and other ailments that come with daily stress. There is hope. Reclaiming your life from anxiety is a journey.

It's a journey you don't have to take alone. 


In our journey toward a return to normal, how do we navigate a post-pandemic world when we are battling fearful thoughts, restless nights, chronic fatigue, and pervasive anxiety?

How do we unravel the sense of uncertainty?

How do we reconnect after so much social separation and fear? 

Where do we go from here?

What you will learn

*The stress effects on the body

*The power of our thoughts

*The benefits of mindset and meditation

*Enneagram personality types and how       that plays a role in our behavior and         relationships

*HeartMath techniques for relaxation

*Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for   anxiety relief

*Adrenal Fatigue solutions

*The gut-brain connection

*NLP technique  for anxiety/fear (The         Circle)

*Words and Frequencies

*Returning to the work place

*Social re-entry

*Food for Freedom (healthy food                 awareness, herbal remedies for anxiety,     fatigue and insomnia)

The Journey

           Investment $2495

*12 Coaching Sessions (weekly or bi-           weekly)

*6 Group Guided Meditations (via Zoom)

*Free Access to Dr. Leslie's online course,      The Stress Effect 

*EFT Session 

*HeartMath Session 

*NLP Circle Session